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Small group yoga with a maximum of 
8 students per class or
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Holistic Therapies for health and balance.


Welcome to Tree of Life Yoga & Holistic Therapy


Katie Graham-Young

Welcome to Tree of Life Wellbeing.

Tree of Life is a yoga and healing space dedicated to enhancing and supporting our busy lives through the practice of yoga, combined with massage and holistic therapies.  At Tree of Life the focus is always on YOU and your individual and evolving goals and needs.   I offer a combination of dynamic, healing and restorative yoga and holistic therapies with a range of yoga classes, meditation sessions and massage therapies which are all designed to enhance and support your wellbeing. I also ensure that every class incorporates joy and laughter as this is one of the best healing tools we have available to us!

Classes and treatments are offered at my private studio and clinic – a calming and relaxing space in the quiet village of Maulden,  All group classes are provided for a maximum of eight students, to ensure that you benefit from a highly personalised approach. I use aromatherapy and music in every class to create a relaxing and restorative ambience.

Additionally, one-to-one sessions can be offered to support your step or advancement into the wonderful world of yoga.  Enjoy the relaxing surroundings of my private yoga studio, be tutored in the traditions and authentic yoga practices, where we can embrace the Tree of Life together.

I have over 30 years’ of professional experience in holistic therapy and teaching yoga and meditation to adults and children.  I offer a selection of day and evening yoga/meditation classes for all levels and holistic massage treatments as required. Upon consultation we can arrange specified treatments or tailored yoga classes which cater for beginners, through to improvers, leading onto meditation and healing /restorative yoga.

Tree of Life is also able to offer holistic therapies in synergy with your yoga experience. The holistic treatments on offer will help to lift your face, ease away tension, cleanse your body, awaken your senses, reconnect and revive your mind by decluttering from life’s daily stresses.

To benefit from the powerful revitalising and re-balancing that only a holistic approach with yoga can deliver please contact me:- Katie Graham-Young or telephone 079966 463 445, and we can discuss the optimum treatment and class for your requirements.

Nameste! Katie

Katie is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are based in her yoga studio and have a maximum of 8 people per class. The classes have a very personal feel and Katie tailors each class to her students.