Preparing for a Yoga Class and a Holistic Treatment:

  • A pre-registration form is required prior to taking part in any yoga class or holistic treatment to gather a full comprehension of your desired outcomes and needs. Any pre-existing medical conditions should be declared, or any short or long term injuries so I can prepare a specific plan addressing your suitability for treatments and mobility needs or access limitations within class.
  • Please avoid any heavy meals for up to two hours prior to the commencing of your appointment with Tree of Life, a light snack is okay up to one hour before.
  • Equipment is provided, however many people prefer to use their own mat and blanket, if that’s you then please do bring them – I use aromatherapy oils and incense to fully immerse us in the practice, your mat will also absorb the aromas so when you need to practice at home you’ll find yourself more drawn into self-practice.  If borrowing a mat, you’re asked  not to wear heavy perfumes or makeup as these damage the natural rubber mats provided for everyone’s use.
  • You’re recommended to wear comfortable and flexible clothing without buckles and belts; please ensure clothing maintains your modesty during poses as classes are mixed – excessively loose t-shirts are not advised.
  • Yoga is practiced barefoot but yoga-socks are suitable for diabetics.
  • Please remove jewellery and watches that may interfere and tie your hair back – a side ponytail or plait ensures comfort when practicing reclining postures and is helpful for any massage treatments.
  • Bring a water bottle to sip during class to keep yourself hydrated but I recommend you please drink plenty of water following your treatment or class.
  • A small hand-towel is helpful if you’re someone who perspires so you can dry yourself off and remain comfortable throughout your class.
  • Warm socks and a blanket are ideal for relaxation. A Sheepskin rug and meditation stool is helpful for seated meditations.
  • Parking is provided on my driveway, alternatively I ask that you park on the opposite side of the road/street to ensure buses and emergency vehicles have safe passage along Clophill Road.
  • Mobile phones are switched to silent to ensure everyone receives a peaceful time for their practice.
  • For some, attending a class for the first time may be intimidating, especially if you are a complete novice, you may want to consider attending an ‘yoga introduction workshop’ giving you a foundation in the yoga basics, or having some 1-1 sessions to build your confidence.

Tree of Life Yoga Classes:

Please ensure you arrive five minutes beforehand so we can start on time and remain until the end,  All classes commence with a few minutes silence checking in with yourself through breath observation, guided breath-work (pranayama), to allow your mind to arrive and to connect in with where you are in that moment, the postures (asana) more commonly recognised as ‘yoga’, each session ends with a relaxation (savasana) plus further checking in with yourself. Sessions conclude with a chant and placing the hands together in Namaste (I bow to you, its a prayer to the energy within yourself).

All classes run to music, use organic aromatherapy oils, natural wax candles and mood lighting to evoke all your senses to support and immerse you into an authentic and embracing yoga practice.

You are invited and guided into a practice but are asked to remain mindful of your own body, to sip water and rest when needed. 

Please note that the practice of yoga is to bring a greater balance to the mind/body state and as such physical and emotional release may be experienced. These responses are perfectly normal and signify a personal resetting and healing process.